Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reason # 783 Why I Live in Connecticut...

My brother and sister both live near my mother in New Jersey. My mom has keys to both their homes, as they have to hers. My mother is very close (physically and emotionally) to both my siblings. Sometimes I envy them. I said sometimes. File the following under "too close for comfort."

My mother was at my sister's house on Saturday. I guess they were going to run errands together and get my mother adjusted at the chiropractor. The details are a bit fuzzy. Anyway, my sister was taking a shower when she heard the door open. It was my mother. This is generally not a big deal because my mother is always busting in while my sister is in the shower to chat or use the toilet (I vividly remember her throwing open the shower curtain once while I was in there to ask me what I wanted for dinner), but this time...it was different. As my sister was getting ready to exit the shower, my mother stripped down and GOT IN THE SHOWER with her. She said, "don't turn the water off, I'm going to take a shower too. I know we have to hurry up today." So my sister was all "what the fuck are you doing?" and my mom was all "what's the matter? I'm your mother."

As my sister said in the resulting phone message to me: "NO ONE should have to endure this."
My sister considers this taking a hit for the team. The team being my brother and I. Needless to say, everyone at my sister's house now locks the door.


Ia said...

Yeah...I'm still looking for a psychiatrist. She was rather indignant & "fried an egg" at me (for all non Cubans this is the noise you make when you suck your teeth.)and threw her hands up inthe air as she said "Ay!!"

She now wonders why my 13 year old daughter goes in the bathroom & not only locks the door but puts a bench behind it...as for my son, he's an open book. Takes after his Tita, will think nothing of telling his father "I have to go too" while he's peeing & then have a "community pee", same toilet. Just sooo wrong in so many levels! Hay Dios mio! Give me strength!!!

Tk said...

Man, I just about made the SO drown in the bathtub telling her this one!

Anonymous said...

And to think I thought it was because of your sexy boyfriend...go figure.