Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Barely Breathing

So, there's a lot going on with me. A LOT. And I feel like there's so much I'm trying to handle that I can barely breathe for trying to fight the good fight. Today was, as they say, "one of those days." I found this old poem and I think it sums up a little of how I've been feeling.

Same Air

The same air.
We're all,
the same air.

Is it choking you too?
Is it making you so sick
that you have to
blame me,
hate me,
say that it's my "kind"
that's fouling up your breathing?

Do I have to
get out of
your way,
your face,
so that you can breathe,
a little easier?

So that you don't feel
like I'm taking
all the air,
and you are left
with nothing,

Do you want me
to apologize for
getting in your

I won't do that.

It's all
the same,
and there's
plenty of it,
and it's free.

Daisy C. Abreu

Here's to better days and this girl breathing easier once the smoke clears.


Anonymous said...

I really dig this poem!


Rodrigo said...

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