Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Light my way

I know, I know. You're probably asking yourself, "Where the hell has she been?" Well, there's this project at work that we've all been knocking ourselves out on since, well, technically, since September. We like to call it "The Holidays in Downtown New Haven." That's right. Davis, the Boss, J-La (and KK! Welcome KK!) and I (and, to be fair, countless others) have been thinking and working on holiday stuff since way back when we were still experiencing 90 degree days with 85% humidity. Seriously? Seriously. There's been all kinds of meetings, brainstorming and planning, not to mention plenty of knocking on doors, an ongoing search for volunteers, the hiring of musical performers, and, of course, the setting up and breaking down of roughly 1200 paper bags filled with sand and candles (fear not, it's all flame retardant and fire marshal approved) on the Upper Green every week since November 30th. There are only so many 14 hour days a girl can handle before she starts to go bananas. My mantra has been "All I have to do is get to December 22 and then I will have some time off." But let me say this: there's something incredibly satisfying about having total strangers thank you for doing your job. And when the end result looks like what you see in that photo, well, it' s totally freaking worth it.

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