Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Nook of My Own

To those of you who gave me journals and books about writing this Christmas...thank you, and message received. There's been a lot of talk about my writing, and by that I mean, I've been talking to myself alot, about what it means to me. The truth is, it means as much to me as my family, my relationship, my friendships, my work. It's an extension of all those things. It's the one thing that's truly my own, the thing I can share and say, this is who I am. Why have I been suppressing it for so long? Fear, flat out fear. But, there's no point in being afraid. I can write all day and show it to people and try to get published or I can keep it to myself. The most important thing is to really start writing again and give it the attention I give everything else in my life. So, today I cleared off some space in the office/recording studio/rehearsal space/storage room for myself, pulled out my old books about writing for easy access, threw some pens and pencils in a mason jar and set up shop. I now have a little nook where I can write notes to friends, do writing exercises, "work" on the book, etc. The roll top desk is free of clutter and I have a good chair to sit in, so I guess I'm all set. Let's take her for a spin and see how she flows, shall we? You might see some of what I'm working on here, if I am feeling brave enough. I think it's a pretty big deal that I even cleared the desk off. To quote Elphaba: "It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes...and leap." Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!! I think admitting fear of writing is the first step, then writing just because is next. No pressure! Nobody but you has to read it until you say so. Love you all the time.