Monday, October 22, 2007

Enter Sandman... I Said Enter!

You know you have a crazy case of insomnia when you're sitting up listening to Delilah (You know...De-LY-La...Love someone tooooonight) and giving a crap about the people calling in with their stories about God sending them their one true love in the grocery store. Delilah can be hit or miss with the songs she picks sometimes, but tonight she seems to be dead on, bless her heart. She must know there's a skeptic listening. Why else would she play Michael W. Smith's Place in This World and Train's Calling All Angels?

Anyway, sleeping has been a challenge the last few days. I'm distracted, so I'm reading, watching TV or rocking out a crossword to try to calm my mind. It's not that I'm not tired. I'll be reading an article and my eyes will start to droop. The problems start when I turn out the light. My thoughts get all loud in my head, my anxieties take hold and I can't quiet things enough to get to the good stuff (sleep and a possible dream date with the Cloon...yes HIM again). That's when I pull out the alphabet game. Seems to work. I list authors in alphabetical order (Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Albert Camus, Charles get the idea). If I'm lucky, I'm out cold by the time I hit the middle of the alphabet. I know, why not count sheep? Counting is easy, literature is hard. Also, I count this as credits against all that money I spent learning about these authors in college. That's me, always multi-tasking.

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