Monday, February 20, 2006

The early bird is sleeping...

And this night owl is still up. Mike has been asleep for two hours now, while I'm, well, I'm here. I debated staying in bed and watching him sleep (too creepy, I never do that. Seriously), reading (too noisy, I'm reading I'm a Stranger Here Myself and I keep laughing) or just trying to sleep (impossible at 10pm, ever since my sister let me stay up as a kid to watch Hart to Hart and Trapper John MD). I got up and tried to check in with a friend, but he didn't answer, so I flipped on the TV and started surfing. Some thoughts on what I saw:

Grey's Anatomy: Looked good, but I didn't want to get sucked in this late in the game. Then again, I didn't start watching ER until George Clooney got the Caesar cut, so maybe I'll give it a chance. Am I the only one who looks at Patrick Dempsey and thinks Can't Buy Me Love? I can't be. Note to Dr. Grey: eat something! I'm pretty sure she looks like she's going to cry because Dr. McDreamy not only stole her heart, but also her sandwich. (I'm not hooked, but I've seen enough to know or think I know who Dr. McDreamy is. It's Ronald from Can't Buy Me Love, right? It is.)

Ice Dancing on the Olympics: I learned tonight that the difference between ice dancing and figure skating is that ice dancing does not have any jumps or flights of fancy. Just dancing, on ice. So, why was the Canadian team doing some sort of lift and spin in the middle of their salsa? That poor woman lost her grip and landed so hard on the ice, she had to limp to the holding pen to await scores. And how the hell do you limp on ice skates? I bet that shit doesn't happen in curling, oh no!

Law & Order SVU: My favorite of the L&O series. Apparently the USA Network can only run this show in 5 episode marathons and for this, I am grateful. Who do you think would win in a cage match of psychologists? Dr Elizabeth Olivet from the original L&O or Dr. George Huang from SVU? Olivet is scrappy, but my money is on Huang. When Ice T and Richard Belzer have your back, you have no fear.

Celebrity Fit Club: Holy Crap, I can't look away. Bruce Vilanch went to visit his mother in Boca (where she summers)! Jeff Conaway came back from rehab and is still a freaking mess (Kenicky, I am so disappointed in you)! Tempestt Bledsoe went to Laughter Yoga (Vanessa, it is ok to smile. Claire and Cliff want you to be happy AND skinny)! Gunnar Nelson IS NOT FAT! (Why is he there? You know everyone is thinking it. Again, NOT FAT).Kelly LeBrock saved Countess Vaughn from the climbing wall (you go girl)! Chastity Bono & Young MC lost no weight, but they are hanging tough! Totally watchable. Oh, and did Ant have his eyes done? Is Dr Linda sleeping with Dr Ian AND Sgt Harvey? I'll find out next week when I watch the 90 minute finale!

Did I mention I'm working tomorrow? Sleep, I need some sleep.

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Anonymous said... MUST watch Grey's Anatomy...they have the first season on DVD..RENT IT FOR HEAVEN'S sakes! McDreamy is McYummy & so is Dr. Burke.

Law & Order filmed down my road a few weeks ago I was sharing breathing space with Mulloney.

Celebrity Fit guilty pleasure along with (don't laugh) Flavor of Love.