Saturday, February 18, 2006

Look ma, no pen!

First day with the new blog and I'm trying to figure out the system without pulling out what little hair I have. I'm trying to be patient with all of this, but as someone whose biggest journaling problem in the last twenty years has been running out of ink, all this technology is going to take some getting used to. I sort of feel like Doogie Howser, minus the freckles, blonde curls and tennis shoe wearing, stethoscope wielding genius. I'm hopeful that, at the end of these 22-minute episodes I call my blog entries, I'll have learned something. Maybe you will too.


Anonymous said...

Poodle: You are awesome. I'm very proud of you.
Love. Poodle.

Cat said...

Both of us in the blog world, what's that about. I'm so glad you have decided to give it a try and look forward to being able to read your writing again.

Anonymous said...

Yo ... it's about that time. To break forth the rhythm and the rhyme.

So excited that you're in the blogosphere. Here's to our new fave.

The sty owners

Anonymous said...

Hay Dios Mio! Gracias a Dios mi hija que estas escribiendo de nuevo. Tanto dinero en colliche tienes que escribir TODOS los dias!

scred ya didn't I? I'm so very proud of you!
Love you to the Moon & back!