Sunday, September 17, 2006

Always on the Run

Well, I got through the last eight days and here I am to recap. I've been busier than Tinsley Mortimer during Fashion Week, and I have to say it felt good to be so busy. I think it was an equal mix of business and pleasure that kept me going, starting with last week's New York magazine adventure. Before I jump into this week of wonder, I must mention that I spent last Saturday at the Hebron Harvest Festival with my gays (yes, I stole that from Kathy Griffin. What of it?). For photos of furry creatures (since I never had a bunny of my own, I named the ones I wanted to take home), papier mache dogs, Care Bears collectibles and the giant turkey legs click here. Ok, ready? Here goes. And yes, Monday-Friday were all very full work days, as if I had to mention...

Monday: Shoe shopping at DSW (suede pumps), a much needed pedicure (my toes are, dinner at Bertucci's (where the rolls are like crack) and a trip to Costco (I always forget how massive that place is. Seriously, it's ginormous) to pick up Mull it Over Dance Party supplies with Ginny and her lovely daughter, Ashley. Ginny is a brilliant planner, possibly the most organized human I have ever met and she was able to make sure we worked all of this in and still had me home by 9pm. Love her!

Tuesday: Dinner with the boss and Chappie, a former Presidential Fellow (summer '05) who is leaving to take a job with Google in his home state of Michigan. We went to Ibiza and enjoyed the tasting menu and a couple of bottles of wine. Now, I know that a tasting menu is supposed to offer a taste of the menu items, that is perfectly clear to me. What I did not realize is that you get a taste of everything on the damn menu! Very delicious, but so many courses. I did have my first ceviche and my first anchovy. Not as fishy as I had feared. That chef is a freaking genius! And any meal that ends with warm chocolate cake topped with coffee ice cream is ok by me.

Wednesday: Well, this was supposed to be my one night at home to recharge and prep for the rest of the week. As fate and office mate/season ticket holder Bill B would have it, I ended up in the Bronx for my very first Yankee game! AWESOME. ML braved the trip to stadium with me. Now, I'm a Yankee fan by birth and I enjoy watching the games at home, but I never considered myself to be as hard core as my parents and my sibs. Clearly, being in the stadium did something to me. I was on my feet with every crack of the bat, cheered until I was hoarse and clapped and stamped my feet along with everyone else. I am my father's daughter, after all. Did I mention my brother and sister were also at the game? We managed to sit together through the first inning before they headed off to their seats. What are the chances? Well, if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know my Dad had a hand in all of this.

Thursday: Tickets with my gays to see a taping of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me at Southern CT State University. Very smart, very funny, just like my gays. And speaking of...Isaac Mizrahi was the Not My Job guest. Hilarious, or as I like to say, highlarious.

Friday: DANCE PARTY! Yes, at last, it was time to dance like no one was watching. We had a Board meeting that morning and plenty of set up to do all afternoon, but once DJ Suzie Q started spinning the tunes, I left my cares behind and shook my money maker like nobody's business (especially to Britney Spears' Slave 4 U...I know, I know, it's shameful). I mentioned it was an 80's dance party, right? Hence Davis and Schneider rocking the mullets you see here. Yep, that's me in the middle, looking like a cross between Thelma from Good Times (according to my sister) and Macy Gray (according to ML). In person, with the bow, I think it totally looked like the wig Jennifer Beals' dance double wore in Flashdance, which is to say it looked totally fake. What you cannot see is the armful of rubber bracelets and INXS/KICK pin I am sporting. Classic. I got home at 4ish and my body is still not totally recovered from all the bumping and grinding, but dammit! I love, love, love to dance!

Saturday: Slept all the way in, but still managed to make it to the CitySeed Market in Wooster Square where ML was performing. I got there just in time to catch the end of his set and stock up on tomatoes, peaches, bread, corn and milk from local farmers. YAY! Then we went to TK's for hot wings (for me, ML had a veggie burger). Back home for some more rest. I needed it, too. This week's Insomnia Theater pick was Sixteen Candles. No way I was missing that one. Met the Boss and PLS at the theater at 11:15pm and enjoyed me some Jake Ryan. I still get teary when Molly Ringwald and Paul Dooley have that middle of the night father-daughter chat. I probably always will. And by the way, Joan Cusack has always been brilliant. Anyone who tells you differently has never seen Joan rocking the scoliosis brace at the water fountain. oooookeeeee.

Sunday: Slept in, but not too late. Can't miss my stories (Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood). Crawled back into bed for a couple more hours and awoke to find that ML had cleaned the apartment! YAY! Headed to the suburbs for a little Friendlys and Target action, then came home to get a little head start on some work for tomorrow.

See, told you I've been busy. I don't know how the stars collided to create such a perfect storm of activity for me, but at least now I know I can do it. Doesn't mean I want to all the time, though. All that running around can wear a girl down. Luckily, I bought those new pillows at Target.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Watch This Space

So much going on, and I really want to write about it, but I haven't had a decent night's sleep all week. Bear with me, I have a lot to say, but I need my rest, especially with a such a big weekend coming up. Here's a hint, though.

Doesn' t get much better than this, people! Sunday, hopefully, I will be able to tell all.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Words Are All We Have, Part II

This is Maya, the Town Green's Presidential Fellow for the summer of 2005. Maya was recently selected as one of Glamour Magazine's Top 10 College Women for 2006. She and her fellow T10CW (like that? I just made it up.) were honored at a luncheon yesterday at Daniel in NYC. Eve Ensler was the keynote speaker. Maya didn't tell me all this, I was there and I lived to tell the tale.

Ok, let me go back a bit. Maya won this scholarship and the Glamour staff asked her who she would want to have lunch with if she could break bread with anyone (except a celebrity). She said she would want someone from Town Green, which was really sweet of her. So, I get back from a meeting on Wednesday and the boss says, "I just got the weirdest call from Glamour magazine." He plays the message for me and I start freaking out as only someone who has been reading Glamour since she was a kid would. As he put it, I reacted as though I had seen the bike I wanted for Christmas in a shop window and he would be a terrible parent if he didn't give me what I wanted. Ok, that's accurate. Being the guy he is and realizing that his idea of a good time does not necessarily involve a room of full fashionistas, he kindly passed the invitation along to me.

Friday morning comes and I am as nervous as can be. Why? Well, if there was ever a job I would admit to really wanting, it would be writing for a magazine. Glamour magazine. Maybe you're thinking "big deal, a fashion magazine, clothes, shoes, how to be a sex vixen, all that Devil Wears Prada crap." Granted, the T10CW started out as a contest called the10 Best Dressed College Girls, but that was 50 years ago. Now the magazine focuses on politics and women's issues as much as it does on Prada and Stuart Weitzman. I admire anyone who can do what the Glamour staff does as well as they do it and these people do inspire change, in individuals, in government, in the world, through writing. That's pretty powerful. And it's something I am working towards every day. Consider this: In the spring of 2004 I was lying in bed reading Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive's column. She wrote about the importance of women's health issues and encouraged every woman to take part in the March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC. Now, I'm not what anyone would call an activist, but something about this piece spoke to me. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to go and march and have that experience and try to make a difference?" The next day I received an email from a friend saying that she was going to DC and was anyone interested in going with her. Over the course of the day, I kept rereading that email and finally realized that marching was something I really wanted to do. I could make a difference, even if it is only a small one, by doing something, not just thinking about doing something. I really don't know if I would have gone if not for Cindi Leive's editorial. And now, two years later, I was being given the opportunity to thank her in person for getting me off my ass.

I arrived at 12:15p. My driver, Yuri (did I mention they sent a car for me? Yeah, they sent a freaking car for me), gave me his cell number and told me to call when I was ready to be picked up. He was incredibly sweet and hilarious, by the way, more of a Bitterman than a Jeeves. So, I walk in and somehow manage to get checked in and start looking for Maya. I met Lynda, the woman who had invited me to the event and she was incredibly sweet and gracious and excited. I found my table and met a couple of staff members and chatted with them until Maya came over to the table. She was as shocked to see me there as I was to be there. "How long have you been keeping this from me?" she said. I told her the whole story and she seemed happy that I was there.

So, we had a nice lunch starting with a mesclun salad. The main course was roasted guinea hen stuffed with spinach (seriously? seriously) and vegetables. Dessert was a raspberry tartlet with lemon sorbet. By the way, my glass of white wine? Never empty. Never.

Eve Ensler spoke and by the time she was done, I had tears in my eyes. I felt a little embarrassed about it, but then I looked around and saw that every woman at my table was crying. Actually, every woman in the room was teary. How did she do that? As the afternoon went on, the T10CW were introduced and their stories were told. More crying. There's a reason why these women were chosen, they're all pretty incredible and have accomplished much in their young lives. Honestly, I started to wonder what the hell I was doing there. There I was in a room with the entire Glamour staff, T10CW past and present (I was sitting at a table with winners from 2002 & 1985), reps from L'Oreal (I'm worth it, right?) and fashion people that only a geek like me would recognize (is that Dayle Haddon? IT IS!). I was pretty overwhelmed, to say the least.

Lunch was over and people started mingling before saying their goodbyes. Lynda was kind enough to introduce me to Cindi who hoped she had not mangled my name in her introduction (did I mention I got an introduction? Yeah, I did). I blubbered and gushed my way through telling her what an honor it was to meet her and how much the magazine means to me. I was introduced to Emme, a supermodel and activist who told me she was jealous of my haircut. Then I met Erin Zammett Ruddy, another Glamour editor who has inspired me. More awkwardness on my part. I know that they're just people, but it's like when I met Sharon Olds. You want to let the person know that what they do does have an impact and is important to somebody, but then you think "they must know that and they probably don't need me telling them."

Am I glad I went? Yes, because I got to share Maya's special day with her and I got to thank Cindi Leive and Erin Zammett Ruddy for inspiring me with their writing. It's also an exercise for me. An exercise in exorcising my fear of going up to people, famous or not and talking to them. In spite of what ML and others might think, this is still a huge problem for me. But, clearly, I'm working on it.