Friday, August 25, 2006

And How Was Your Summer?

NOTE: As soon as I figure out how to post more than three pics at a time, you will see more of my summerstime shots. Until then, enjoy these.

You might have noticed that it's been a while. Well, no excuses here. Just the facts. Busiest. Summer. Ever. And it does not even "officially" end until September 15th, the night of Dance Party (insert shameless plug here). So, what have I been up to? Well...

Road Trip. Davis and I traveled up to Ithaca (that's Cornell country, you know) to check in on Poodle once he was done with all his lawyering classes. God, it was good to see him. You know when you meet someone and things just click and you feel like you've known that person all your life? Well, the minute I laid eyes on Poodle and his JCrew ribbon belt, I knew we would be friends forever. He's the Givenchy to my Hepburn (not that I think I'm Audrey, I haven't become delusional!), always there to gently encourage and keep me from going out in gauchos and clogs. Kudos to Davis for putting up with the two of us for 48 hours. We ate well, laughed much and drank...just enough. And I got to meet the new beau AND the new dog. My little boy is all grown up!

Birthday. I turned 34 in June and so far, so good. I had my friends around me, my man by my side and a blue pearl firmly in hand. I got some awesome books that are currently piled high on the night stand and enough fancy note cards to last me a while. Do my friends know what I like or what? Bless their hearts, I'll probably burn through it by Christmas, though, Hallmark whore that I am.

My brother and sister came to town for the Kool & the Gang concert earlier this month. I don't know how ML survived it all, we can be pretty rambunctious when we get together, and Mami wasn't with us, so things got very relaxed! It felt good to be able to show them a good time and have them see that I, too am grown (I'm the youngest by 10+ years, so no matter what I do, I'll always be the baby.) I'm proud of the life I've built here and I want them to know that they don't have to worry. Mission accomplished, I think.

I celebrated ML's birthday. I threw him two parties, one for friends and one for the family. I know, I have a tendency to spoil him, but seriously, he's worth it. Friday night we gathered up the usual suspects for pizza (mashed potato pizza is awesome, say what you will) and beer and ice cream cake (devil's food, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter cups in cake form...holy crap!) at BAR . Saturday was family day, so I got up early and went to the farmers' market for salad fixings and fresh bread. On the menu: baked ziti, a green salad with super fresh veggies and homemade garlic bread. For dessert, ice cream cake (yes, MORE ice cream cake). His parents, younger brother and younger brother's girlfriend all came over and it was really nice. I think he was happy and I know he appreciated it. Also, I think he's going to take his new ipod to Massachusetts and marry it. I know how he feels, I'm still obsessed with mine and I got it last Christmas.

Work. Nothing new there, but it just seemed busier than usual. Maybe it's because we had FIVE interns to help so the hive was extra buzzy with projects we never get a chance to work on consistently. Maybe it's because people have become more aware of what we do and so they are asking more of us. Or maybe it's because I've gotten involved in more committees and projects outside of the office. I don't know. I do know that it's no where near over yet. Not to worry, I'm taking some time at the end of September to decompress and maybe get away.

Book. Still thinking about it, but not just thinking. I sent Benni the manuscript to see if she has any ideas for artwork. I printed out copyright forms, but have yet to fill them out. I even went on an archaeological dig and found the original notebook in which I wrote the thing. Lots of interesting bits in there, to be sure.

Ok, were all those things excuses? Maybe. The moral of this story is, I need to make some write. Notice I did not say "I have to", I said "I need to." That's a good sign, I think.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Just Saying

Ok, there are a few things I need to get off my chest, so forgive the rant-y nature of this post. Take this as a series of letters from the editor to the world of entertainment.

Dear Brandy,
I know you're a single mom and all, and maybe you need the money, but why the hell are you on that America's Got Talent? YOU have talent, use your powers (good singing voice, pretty face, likeable personality) for good! I can't even watch the thing, what with the Hoff and the Simon Cowell-y guy and Reege doing their canned schticks. I barely know what the show's about, except for what I see on the Soup. You are better than this Brandy! How in the world did you become Jaye P. Morgan on this modern bastardization of the Gong Show? Why don't you call your old friend Monica and see if she wants to duet with you again? It's not too late! Save yourself!

Dear Creators of Grey's Anatomy,
I have now made several attempts to watch your program and still cannot get through one episode. It's not the writing (I think the writing is really good), it's not the supporting cast (I quite enjoy George, Cristina and Burke), it's not even the heartstring tugging music (I get it! I'm supposed to be moved by what I've seen). It's Dr. Meredith Grey. She bugs me. Even when she's being all tough, she still looks like she's going to fall apart. I understand she's dealing with a lot of stuff (her mom, Ronald from Can't Buy Me Love, long hours), I've watched enough to know that it's very challenging to be a surgical intern, but seriously, she needs to pull herself together! The show is about her, but she's the one I care about the least. You want to know how little I think of her? If she were my surgeon, I would ask for someone with a bit better control over her emotions to cut me open. I would want them to fly in Dr. Benton from ER to work on me, and I REALLY hated him. Grey is not instilling any confidence in anyone by being so freaking weepy. And please, someone, feed her already!

Dear VH1,
Stop telling me about the artists I ought to know about. You aren't going to convince me any time soon. Nothing makes me more resistant than being told what I should like. If you want to play those videos without the little "this new artist and song are going to change your life" intro, then I might give it a chance. That's how I discovered Five For Fighting's Superman and that worked out well. I wanted to know more, I bought the album, I became a fan. That's how it is supposed to work. I don't need to hear about how they became musicians and how they write their songs and how their first single is SO incredible. To be honest with you, VH1, every time I see and hear the You Oughta Know thing, I change the channel. That's right, I tune out. The You Oughta Know thing is now the same as a commercial to me, which I know is what a video is anyway, but still. Maybe I would have discovered those artists on my own and looked forward to seeing their videos, since you so rarely show videos anymore, but no, you've ruined them all for me. It will be years before I can accept KT Tunstall and the Fray as a part of my life. Thanks a lot.

Dear Paula Deen,
Thank you for Jaime and Bobby. You raised those boys right. It's a comfort to know that there are still some sweet southern gentlemen out there and that they are into food. I love that they call each other "brother," I love that Jaime spends the entire episode laughing his ass off, even when Bobby is cutting on him and I love that they love you so much. When they showed up to surprise you in Paris, I cried along with you. Bless their hearts, they love their momma. Way to go, Paula!

OK, I feel better now. I think I'll go back to bed for a while.