Tuesday, September 16, 2008

While I Was Gone

I guess you could say I've been "on sabbatical." When it's been this long between posts, there's NO WAY I'm going to be brief. Let's call this my mid-year report (except that it's already September).

Baseball Bookends: I started and ended the summer in the same place...Yankee Stadium. T
his baseball treat was brought to me courtesy of my friend, Robin (she also gave me that kick-ass shirt for my birthday). Robin had never been to a game at the Stadium and I feel honored to have been by her side the first time she walked into the church of baseball. We ate hot dogs and Cracker Jack, drank Cokes from our commemorative cups and screamed our heads off. She is now converted. The weather was great, the company was better and bonus: they won both times! We'll be back next year to see them play in their new home, conveniently located right across the street.

Me, in the movies?
I received an email from my friend Janna about a filmmaker looking to interview single women in their twenties and thirties for a documentary called Seeking Happily Ever After.
My initial thought was, "If Janna can do it, so can I!" so I agreed to be in it. By the time I found out that Janna had no intention of being interviewed, it was too late to back out. I'm glad I went through with it. The women making this movie were great to work with and I learned a lot about myself from just sitting there and answering questions about how I got to this po
int. I talked about the break-up, my parents marriage, being raised Cuban, my cinematic heroines and how all of that informed my relationship choices. Having the conversation made me realize that my life is pretty fantastic and I already have wonderful people sharing in that fantastic-ness with me. As much as it would be nice to have a boyfriend/partner/lover/whatever, not having one doesn't diminish how great things are right now. Clearly, I've come a long way in thirty-six years. Speaking of which... I had a birthday!

Birthday Babe: I woke up on my birthday and decided to make this one really count by showing the world how fierce and fiery this thirty-six year-old can be. How? I discovered the power of a good dress, a really, really good dress. It's cream with a navy swirl pattern that drew attention to my assets (and probably my ass). Paired with brown wedge sandals and new attitude Miss Patti LaBelle would have been proud of, I walked out of my adorable apartment ready to kick ass and take names! The day did not disappoint. I had a great meal with my friends at Caseus and drinks at 116. As Poodle would say, "it's kind of..perfect."

And, AND, my sister came to visit for the weekend (OK, two days, one night). We haven't had that much time alone together since she had the kids (um, that would be sixteen years ago, but who's counting?). We went shopping, visited the farmers' market, and hung out at some of my favorite places. We also saw John Edward, the medium. Intense and interesting, but my Dad didn't show up. Suddenly, he's shy. Bonus: Aaron and Cat were in town as well, so that's three of my favorite people all together at the same time! Sweet! My sister will also want me to make mention of the fact that she played Rock Band and got a very good score. Clearly, she rocks.

Since last year was the total opposite of the best birthday ever, I decided to wipe the slate clean this year and throw myself a proper party. Cocktails @ Chez Daze: because 35 is SO last year! was a huge success. Lots of friends, food and adult beverages. I wouldn't change a thing...OK, I would get a second air conditioner. My apologies again to everyone who sweat their butts off at my party. I do appreciate your sacrifice and assure you all that next year there will be TWO air conditioners, so you might want to bring a sweater.

I haven't even mentioned all the
work, craziness (some good, some not so good), trips to see friends and family and new people that have come into my life since my last post. It's been great and I feel like things are going to keep getting better, even with all the challenges I've got down the road.

By the way, sorry to have stayed away so long.
I appreciate the support and nudging about the blog. I have no excuses, I guess I just needed a break to do some living so that I could keep doing some writing. As I like to say, we'll see how she flies!