Sunday, July 01, 2007

Giving My Brain A Break

I was doing house stuff today and decided to take a break to eat something, so I fixed a snack, plopped down on the couch and turned on VH1 in search of a countdown or a marathon of Top Model, you know, something I would not have to think about. The Concert for Diana was on, and while I was not sucked in by Fergie lip-syncing about how glamorous she is (Dear Fergie, lip-syncing is not glamorous, it's cheating), there were other performances I was interested in seeing. Namely, a British boy band (well, they're in their thirties, so let's say it's a man band) called Take That. Never heard of them? You are not alone in this. Apparently, they are the biggest band in the world EXCEPT in North America. This is the band that gave us Robbie Williams...does that help? Well, anyway, I've known about them since 1993 when Cat sent me a cassette (remember those?) of cool songs that were all the rage on the BBC radio when she was studying in jolly old England. And they had a huge hit in 96 or 97, the infinitely catchy Back for Good. I could listen to that freaking song all day, and have in fact been streaming it since I sat down at the computer about an hour and a half ago.

They were slated to perform near the end, right before Ricky Gervais (creator of the original Office) introduced Sir Elton John (creator of wearing a Donald Duck suit in which to perform) and when they came out I have to say I was impressed. They look pretty darn good (OK, they range from totally adorable to smoking hot), they sound great and the new songs are, say it with me, infinitely catchy with just a hint of cheese. Here's a lyric from the single Patience,

Cause I need time
My heart is numb
has no feeling
so while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience

Good stuff, right (never mind how timely it is)? Dear itunes, get some Take That on there, so that I can download these songs! I need them! Thanks! Love, Daisy

Oh, and while I'm admitting to loving stuff that you may or may not think is total crap, let me also say that I was flipping between the Concert for Diana and the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on ABC family. I guess I should file the whole day under C for cheesy.