Thursday, November 06, 2008

These Are The Days

The world has changed. Not just my little corner of the world, the whole freaking world. And as much as I had hoped and believed that it would happen, the moment still took my breath away and left me in tears, as it did for so many others. There are a million reasons why I was so moved, but I can sum it up in six Jason, Mia, Sebastian, Perla, Samantha and Brian.

My sister and brother both have children. Beautiful, talented, smart, wonderful children (not that I am biased). I love them, I spoil them and I worry about them. I worry about their futures and the world they will inherit. They are a huge part of why I got out of bed at 5:57am on November 4th and stood in line for forty minutes to cast my vote.

On the night of the election, I wept tears of joy for my parents, my siblings, myself and especially my nieces and nephews. Forty years ag
o, their parents and grandparents came to this country full of hope and searching for change. Like so many before them, they wanted a better life for themselves and for their children. Come January, my nieces and nephews will be able to look at their president and see a bit of themselves. These children will be able to say, "The President is multi-racial, just like me." and that's kind of a big deal. They now live in a world where the phrase "anything is possible," rings a little truer. They now live a world where they can proudly say, "Yes, we can." And whatever it is they choose to do with their lives, I truly believe that yes, they will.