Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Global Morning

What is up with the Golden Globes? Gone are the days of people winning awards while they are in the ladies room (Christine Lahti, 1998), winners giving up their awards to the old guard (Ving Rhames giving Jack Lemmon his Globe, 1998) and people acting all, oh I don't know, happy to be there (yes Angelina, I'm talking to you). When the woman who once jumped into the pool (wearing this Randolph Duke number, no less) at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate her win (1998 again, damn that was a good year) can't crack a smile, despite the fact that she is practically married to Brad Pitt, we got troubles people.

Ok, so I don't have too much to say (yeah, right), but I do want to hit some points of interest here:

Not enough of the Cloon for my taste. In fact, it was barely a taste. He came out, gave Jennifer Hudson an award and then, poof, he was gone. Didn't even see him on the red carpet. Um, yeah, not pleased. I was able to tell, however, that his hair looked awesome. So handsome, he is. Well, that's out of the way.

You know what's nice about the Globes? No host. It just flows without someone onstage to guide things along. No 17-minute monologue that hits and misses, no weird jokes to fill the time, no awkward laughter and reaction shots. People just walk out on their cue, do their thing and move on to the next thing. Also, no musical numbers! The only constant we see on the stage is Miss Golden Globe (Jack Nicholson's daughter, Lorraine). I think that's nice. Let the celebs loose, don't have another celeb try to wrangle them, let them roam free! Free range celebs! I like it.

As far as speeches go, thank God (or is it thank Britain?) for Hugh Laurie and Sascha Baron Cohen and their strange senses of humour. I thought Forrest Whitaker was going to pass out, but he recovered nicely in the end. Alec Baldwin was random, but in a good way (thanks for sharing about the hernia!). I feared that Kyra Sedgewick was going to forget Kevin Bacon, but how could anyone forget Kevin Bacon? Meryl Streep continues to win me over with her wacky ways. I guess when you are considered the greatest actress of your generation, have 13 Oscar nominations (more than Kate Hepburn even!) and TWENTY ONE Golden Globes under your belt, you can be as goofy as you want to be when you win, but always in the best of taste. Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrara had me close to tears and Helen Mirren is, well, she's a classy dame who forgot to thank her husband, director Taylor Hackford, BOTH times. I'm sure he's fine with it.

Dear Tom Hanks: What in the hell were you talking about? I didn't know you even knew Warren Beatty, much less were so buddy-buddy that you could present him with the Cecil B DeMille Award. Yes, your speech had some high points and you took some risks. Ballsy risks. And by balls I mean "artistic vision." Obviously Rita wasn't there to keep you in line. You know who might have been a more appropriate person to do this tribute. Warren Beatty's sister. She's an actress too, you know. I think her name is, oh what is it? Oh yeah, I remember. It's SHIRLEY MACLAINE. Where the hell was she? She would have kept all those boys in line, for sure. Would have ripped those sunglasses right off of Nicholson's face and told him to "Grow up, that's your daughter up there!" Come on, people!

OK, I have to talk about the clothes. While some people have recovered nicely from previous awards fashion debacles (well played, Naomi Watts, you're almost there! don't give up, keep taking tips from Nicole), some people continue to leave me baffled as to why they are considered fashion icons (Sienna Miller, I'm sorry, I just don't get it and I don't know if I ever will. I will say this: that dress, though not my fave, is probably the best thing I have ever seen you in. Ever). And then, of course, you have the people who are consistently wonderful and make you happy to see them. May I present Exhibits Armani, Blass and Dior: Jada Pinkett Smith in a perfect coral Armani, Rachel Weisz in gorgeous red Bill Blass and Slammin Salma Hayek in a white Dior. (you can go to for photos of all of these beauties). And of course, J-Lo shows up wearing all of her own jewelry and fox fur fake eyelashes and channeling Liz Taylor, right down to the adoring husband. And Renee Zellweger is all perfect, if not a wee bit pinched. I would love to see that dress she was wearing on Julianne Moore. Her coloring is perfect for that type of thing. And Hilary Swank and Reese Witherspoon show up with their brave Oscar-winning divorcee faces on to show how strong they are in the face of adversity. They both looked great, in spite of their struggles.

I have to say that one always hopes, if not for a Bjork swan-dress moment, then at least for a little bit of Cher out there. Everyone can't look perfect, right? That would be boring as hell. Well, I thought it was bad enough that Charlie Sheen was wearing the most ill-fitting jacket I had ever seen and that Philip Seymour Hoffman was incredibly rumpled and that Clint Eastwood was wearing a funky goldish tiny bow tie (Clint and I have an unspoken pact: He shows up to win awards wearing ties I hate and I stay home and watch him win in those ties I hate. Very simple). And even Beyonce's Mackie-esque gown could be reasoned out one of two ways: either her mother made that dress for her and forced her to wear it using mother's guilt or she's taking the Miss Diana Ross thing too far. But no, someone I like had to show up looking like hell. Someone I like had to make me say, out loud to my television, "Ooooooh Noooo!" Not only is this someone I like, someone who's Golden Globe winning show I thoroughly enjoy, this is someone I've seen in person, from not too great a distance. Someone who is, for her age, hell for any age, absolutely stunning and can pull off almost any outfit. Almost. So I ask you this: Why Vanessa? Why? When Tim Allen was on stage with her (by the way, why was he there...oh right, Santa Clause 3), he gave her the up and down and said, "Man if looks were a minute, you'd be a loooong day." Yes, Tim, a very long day indeed.


richard said...

you're indeed a big goof. naomi watts has better fashion sense than nicole. and the two best friends seek and give each other advices. before nicole had ever known how to dress, naomi was the assistant editor of a fashion magazine in australia.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. My favorite part of the Globes is that they stick the TV people way in the back tables, where they have to snake their way up to the stage to accept,as Letterman would say ,their :"TV boy" awards. The big screen folk barely look up from the soup when someone wins for something like "best supporting actress in a TV Comedy". For folks as liberal as the Hollywood elite, that seems like blatant class segregation to me. As Kanye West would say " Jack Nichloson doesn't like TV people"!! I always wonder how ex movie stars , like the Charlie Sheen's, Alec Baldwin's and Keifer Sutherlands of the world feel when they are relagated to the cheap seats at the G Globe. Do you think they act like I do when sitting in the cheap seats at a ballgame, reminicing about great seats they once had, pointing and telling their dates "see where Will Farrell is sitting, that was my table back when Youn Guns 2 was nominated".

Ia said...

I too love the GG's & I love how YOU love the GG's! I'll run my own comentary on yours:
Angelina Jolie? What up with the 'tude? You, acting all hoity toity! Did you not make out with your own brother? Were you not maried to Billy Bob & have blood hanging from the neck??? Did you not steal someone else's husband??? She was either pissed that her Daddy was lurking around in the same room or that Brad did not wear deodorant (the man has been rumored to have a certain odor...I'm not a fan of either).

Jennifer Hudson!!! WOO HOO!!!! America Ferrera!!! WOO HOO!!!
A night to be proud for the newcomers who look like real people! (Renee Zellweger eat something for heaven's sakes!)

Vanessa's hair! OMG! Did she steal that from Christina Aguilera ala Dee Snyder? Such a beautiful woman, such a bad choice. Someone tell Beyonce that she is NOT Miss Golden Globes.

My girls from Gray's..STUNNING!

Disappointing was the fact that Shirley wasn't there to give Warren the award. Tom had too many "balls" and Warren ZZZZZZZZZZ. Oops, sorry did I doze? Boooring!

The most disappointing part of the Globes for me... I didn't see dead people!

Anonymous said...

Loved your take on the GG 'cause of course, I didn't watch 'em. Did catch Baldwin's hernia comment. Guess that reminded me why I don't watch award shows anymore. Sure did love reading your comments; better than watching them. Love Laura

Anonymous said...

Stories about Brad's "horrendous B.O." are all over the internet. It's not clear though, if he really doesn't bathe, or if it's just that he doesn't wear deodorant.

I assume that it's true, because there are so many sources that state this.

Can anybody shed any light on this subject?