Thursday, January 18, 2007

This One's for EJ

My summer fellow leaves for a semester in Paris tomorrow night. I'm so excited and proud! I know she's a bit nervous about the whole thing. It's this great unknown ,first time away from home, a strange city, learning the language...But it's also PARIS! I know she's going to have an amazing time or at the very least, she'll have crazy adventures that she'll always remember. Anyway, I found this poem over the weekend and it made me think of her.

Shoreline Hello

When I walk along the shore
I am sometimes overwhelmed
to think that I am standing
on the edge
of the beach
of the state
of the United States
of North America.

And I look out as far as
I can see
and I wonder
if there is someone looking
back at me
across the ocean.

A girl like me
standing on the edge of her forever
on the coast of her world.
Dreaming her dreams
and wondering if there is
anyone else out there.

So I wave to let her know
that she is not alone.

Daisy C. Abreu January 29/1992

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Love Laura