Thursday, January 04, 2007

On a Roll...Sort of

It's late and I'm tired, but I need to try to write every day. This is the unspoken (but now written here) promise I am making to myself. I'll make allowances for things like being away on vacation (almost never) working at the office past 10pm (iffy at best now that the holidays are over) and the occasional evening of one too many drinks (likely).I'll keep it loose, but I'll try to stick to a schedule...make sense? Good. So, while I wait for cookie batch number three(!) to cool, I figure I'll give it a go. Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. I don't eat them, but I love to make them because they are so freaking easy (a cup of sugar, a cup of peanut butter, an egg and a teaspoon of vanilla). ML loves them. So do the folks at the office and since we're having our holiday party tomorrow afternoon, I figured I'd make a bunch. I also made a one and half dozen cupcakes. I think I may have to buy an apron soon. Or a hand mixer. I would like to blame this baking streak on the Amy Sedaris book that I received for Christmas. It's called I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and it is as hilarious as it is useful. How did she do that? Truth be told, I've been doing some baking since I saw Paula Deen make the cookies on her show. She calls them "Magical Peanut Butter Cookies" because her health conscious recipe calls for Splenda. This from the woman who will cook bacon in butter? Yeah, I'm not using Splenda...I'm using Domino's sugar. Does that make the cookies less magical? Possibly, but I throw in the chocolate chips to make it more interesting. And magical.

I actually spent the better part of the day writing and editing. Davis needed me to review a handbook, so I did. Thoroughly. I tend to worry when someone hands me something to review and I make a hundred changes. I don't want to hurt any one's feelings, but if I can make something flow better, then I have to go for it. I spent the afternoon on the newsletter, which was a bit of a challenge because I had limited ideas but plenty of space. I think it came out okay. The Boss took a look at it and tweaked accordingly. We make a good team on that sort of thing. I got home at 8:30p, not unusual for a newsletter night. ML was folding the laundry, bless him. I started baking, had some dinner and watched Law&Order: SVU while the sweets were doing their thing. Now I'm here, thinking about being creative, but really just documenting the day. Does it matter? As long as I'm writing, right? I've been writing or thinking about writing all day, and now here I am. Writing. Makes perfectly beautiful sense, doesn't it? I think I'll go read something now. As soon as I check on the cookies.

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