Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Taking Off

That's me at a gymnastics meet sometime in 1982 or 1983. I believe that is the first cartwheel of mine to be caught on film. I have since been captured mid-wheel in Washington DC, Newport RI, London UK, Block Island RI, Ithaca NY and, of course, Stonehenge UK. I'm proud to say that, as long as I stretch a bit before I take a shot at doing one, I can still wheel with the best of them. Cartwheels are always my favorite tumbling trick because you can pretty much do them anywhere. Wait, no. I take that back. ROUNDOFFS are my favorite. What's the difference? Well, you need to get a good run going in order to build the kind of momentum required to fly. Believe me, if you hit the mats fast enough, hands first, then flight is absolutely possible. I wrote a poem about it. Would you like to read it? Here it is.

Blue & Red

I remember...
My hair in pigtails and ribbons,
a runway of electric blue,
a four foot streak in a red leotard.

I remember taking flight,
hands barely brushing the mats,
exhilarated in air.

I remember touching down
knees locking, back arched,
arms high above my head.
A perfect roundoff.

I remember feeling powerful
and strong
and streamlined.
It was a wonderful flight,

the flight of my childhood
before adolescence grounded me,
when a runway of blue mats and
a red leotard were all
a girl needed to fly .

Daisy C. Abreu 1993

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Anonymous said...

Oh - I can remember reading this poem for the very first time on the message board hosted by ML!!

How enthralled I was to find out who this word woman was. Never imagined I'd be lucky enough to meet the author in person!!

Kudos on the writing. Wishing you many more cartwheels through life!