Tuesday, April 01, 2014

End of the First Quarter

Today was a rough writing day. I opened three different word documents and tried to make sense of things I typed up in October. I opened my notebook and wrote for all of six minutes before writing "This is shit," closing the notebook, and going to the kitchen for tea and Oreos. Then I took a nap. It happens. I expect there to be more rough writing days as I figure out my rhythm in this new life. I also expect there to be plenty of good writing days.

Armed with tea and Oreos, I opened my notebook to the first entry of the year. Here's what it said. 
January 1, 2014

Resolutions? No. Affirmations? Maybe. More like promises to myself. Gifts to my own heart and soul. A vision for the next twelve months.This is hard because while I am great at planning for others, I find it challenging to put myself first. But I need to try for my own happiness and strength and security. What are these things I can do for myself in the second half of my 41st year? 

Push my own limits emotionally and mentally. Find a new place in the world. Make room for myself in it. Learn new things. Be braver, be gentler, be more open, be more protective of myself, trust myself more. Love more deeply – not just others but myself. Find my center. Protect it. Make it count.

What about tangible things? What will I do?
Get paid for writing
Make good contacts with other writers
Apply for writing jobs and get one
Write in a notebook a minimum of three times a week (it’s a start)
Have more solo dance parties
Purge the unnecessary physical items
Write more letters, put more love into the world.
Read more of the unread books on my bookshelf
Up yoga to two times a week

Be: brave, scrupulous, fearless, loving, calm, centered, active, considerate, animated, balanced, generous, thoughtful, kind, intense, ambitious, understanding, patient, fabulous, chic, empowered, enriched, enamored, fruitful, voracious, prolific, unencumbered, believing, rhythmic, engaged, rapt, ridiculous, game, open, cautious, concerned, discerning, romantic, free, freeing, freed, subtle, outrageous, enigmatic, enthusiastic. Be. 

So, yeah. That's a lot. But, you know what? I'm getting some of it done (especially the yoga and the solo dance parties). And I'll keep working on the rest.


Paige said...

Yay for solo dance parties!

Valerie Lee said...

Love solo dance parties myself. Keep on writing!

Daniel Eugene said...

I admire your courage to pursue your Self - your creative potential - your gift to the world.

Creativity is a solo dance party and it's the solo dance parties that charge the magnet to attract the partners that won't step on your feet...

Presence is what most honors history.

Imagination extrapolates from the mysterious realm to materialize a freer future.

Creativity is the struggle for a naturally constructive presence...

dance and be present.

Write and imagine into the future.

I admire your courage to pursue your Self.

Unknown said...

Also love solo dance parties - that will go on my list! This is very inspiring!

Stephen Grant said...

Daisy! I am inspired again. Also, YAY for solo dance parties! ...and cookies! :)

Kate said...

As I told you yesterday, you already embody all of those adjectives. Keep being awesome in Quarter 2, 3, 4...and beyond, my love! Bravest lady I know.


-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

yoo RITE!!